Pastor Scott sends thanks, a few updates: confirmation classes, communion chalices

The following message is from Rev. Scott Anderson in this Sunday’s announcements.
Thank you to everyone who was involved in my Instatement Worship Service today.  I feel truly blessed today for all of the love from Shepherd of the Valley along with the love from family and friends who made the effort to be here this morning.  I greatly appreciate all who gave of their time and talent these past weeks to make this Sunday special.  The love and support that I have received from the people of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, not only today, but since I began serving here, are truly blessings.  Thank you again to everyone!  – Pastor Scott

Intinction.  This morning, Holy Communion will be distributed by intinction.  Please take the bread with the real presence of the body of Christ.  But before you eat the bread, please go to the Holy Communion assistant and dip in the host in the chalice, and the commune.  For those who prefer grape juice rather than wine, there are individual cups of grape juice, so that you may fully commune.  We will also form two lines in the middle aisle of the sanctuary so that each half of the church may commune simultaneously.

Communion Ware.  There is a double gift in our Communion service this morning.  We, of course, receive the gift of grace given to us in the night in which our Savior was betrayed.  But, there is another gift as well.  The communion ware we are using today was a going away gift from and made by the Rev. James Schendel, the Methodist minister in Jourdanton, Texas, to Pastor Scott.  This is a reminder of our friendship and all of the ministry times together, such as VBS, Prayer Walks, Interdenominational Easter Sunrise and Thanksgiving services, and times with the Atascosa Ministerial Alliance.

Sunday, October 7:  Blessing of Quilts.  First of all, thank you to all of our quilters for all of the talent, time, and care that you give for our neighbors around the world.  We will have a special blessing of quilts during our worship service on October 7.  These quilts, which will be distributed by Lutheran World Relief, are used not only as warm bedding or floor coverings but are also used to shield people against the cold and rain, are used by mothers to hold their babies, and even are used as simple tents.  Again, thank you to all who make this ministry possible.

October 7 and 21: Confirmation Classes.  Our Confirmation Class schedule will change in October to the first and third Sundays of October to accommodate pastor’s and the church’s schedules.  During the month of October, we will begin our study of The Apostles’ Creed.

Hurricane Disaster Response.  Hurricanes Gordon and Florence have created havoc here in the United States.  The images from these horrendous storms are heart breaking.  Thank you for your prayers.  If you wish to donate to help the victims of these hurricanes, you may write a check to Lutheran Disaster Response (P.O. Box 1809; Merrifield, Virginia 22116-8009) marked with “Hurricane Response – United States” on the memo. If you wish to make a contribution via electronic media, [please click here to go to the ELCA’s secure webpage.]

-Pastor Scott

We hope you will join us this Sunday for worship at 9:30 AM as the Reverend Karl Biermann install the Reverend Scott Anderson as our pastor.  You can read Pastor Scott’s bio by clicking here.