Confirmation is back starting this Sunday!

The following is a message from Pastor Scott.

Thank you to the confirmation parents and grandparent who met with me on August 25 to help plan our upcoming Confirmation schedule.  This year will focus mainly on the Bible, with a short detour regarding the Reformation in October.  Our schedule will be like last year, with two classes a month, starting shortly after worship and finishing around noon.  Our schedule for the first set of classes is as follows:

  • September 15            Genesis
  • September 29            Exodus – Deuteronomy
  • October 13                 Old Testament History
  • October 27                 Martin Luther and the Reformation

In the following months, we will be studying The Psalms and Other Writings (November), the Old Testament Prophets (December), the Gospels (January), and the Epistles and Revelation (February).  We have also tentatively set a tentative date for the Affirmation of Baptism for (Confirmation) March 1st.