Our church’s presence on the web moves to HTTPS, new website and website server

In a long overdue move, our church website has received enhanced security through the HTTPS protocol. In order to do this (and fix a number of issues with the old site, including ones which prevented us from bringing you information in the best possible manner), we have moved to a new web server for our website! We will keep the old server up as we move website content over from there to the new site. For the time being, some links on the church site may take you to a “legacy.sotvchurch.com” (which is really just our old web server). We don’t expect this transition to take longer than a week’s time.

We hope that this change sparks a great deal of progress on our website! We will have a blog post on Latest News once this is complete. For the time being, if you have any questions, please e-mail Jacob Schandel at media@sotvchurch.com or reach out via Discord.

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