Transition to new church website complete!

Effective Wednesday, February 17, 2021, our church has officially completed the transition from our old church website (all of the funny looking pages that went to to the new The new website (which we debuted a few weeks ago) has a number of cool new features (most of which, we admit, are extremely geeky, but they are still exciting for people into that sort of thing like the guy who is writing this announcement)!

  • Fancy new graphics and designs
  • A new button in the website menu for cell phone users to tap to directly call the church office
  • An announcement bot in the church Discord server directly tied to the Latest News blog just like Cross Talk Online is
  • Higher security across the board with HTTPS implementation (Remember when your bank told you to look for the lock in your address bar when you use their website? We have that lock now!)
  • Deeper integration with to make online giving easier and more secure through our website
  • Easier tools for our church office staff to post announcements
  • A revamped event calendar with Outlook and Google Calendar integration
  • Better access for the Media and Technology Committee to perform administrative updates (we are talking some serious hacker-looking stuff; at least, that’s what it might look like to those not familiar with the tools anyhow)

If you are a committee or group leader at our church, your team’s page has been revamped on the website to take advantage of the new tools our website has to offer! As a result of everything being hand-transferred from the old website, we ask that all committee or group leaders review their pages on the website if they have not already to see if any updates need made. Jacob Schandel will be reaching out to make sure that everything is to your liking in this regard.

We thank you all for your continued support of the Media and Technology Committee at Shepherd of the Valley Evangelical Lutheran Church! For more information on our Media and Technology Committee, please visit

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