ICYMI: Council needs more information to make an informed decision on our church grounds care

Tonight at council, a discussion came up while discussing church property management.  A question was posed with relation to mowing the church grounds about possibly removing or relocating the flowering bushes at the rear of the church building (along the south end of the church property, running along the farmer’s field).  No decision has been made at this time, as we wanted to do some fact-finding.  Notably, we are unsure whether these were a memorial donation or how people feel about removing these from the property otherwise.  Thus, we are treating this sensitively.  It was decided that we informally ask the congregation for their thoughts on this topic.  We created the below questionnaire we am hoping you might have time to answer that seeks to get answers to the previous two questions as well as any additional thoughts on the topic.

Note: the following questionnaire does not constitute a vote on an action like we would see at a congregational meeting.  It is strictly a fact-finding questionnaire to help council make a decision on how to proceed with this matter.

If you would be willing to click here and answer those couple questions, that would be greatly appreciated!  Your responses will be anonymous (unless you explicitly type your name into one of the answers) and shared with council.

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