Congregation Council

One Shepherd, One Faith, One Flock United in Ministry

Major decisions like calling a pastor and approving the church’s annual budget are made by the membership in a democratic fashion. The congregation also elects a group of individuals to council officers for the purpose of making lesser decisions on behalf of the membership. The Congregation Council also appoints a Financial Secretary and Treasurer.

How is the council elected?

The council is a group of representatives elected by the congregation. Each year, an election is held to choose the council. The council members are nominated by the congregation. If a nominee accepts the nomination, they can be elected to council.

When does the council meet?

The council meets on the second Monday of each month. Each meeting is held at 6:30 PM via phone.

Church Budget

Every year, our congregation approves an annual budget. You can find the congregation-approved budget for 2021 here.

Congregational Plan

In an effort to grow our church so we can better do God’s work, our congregation, at the leadership of the council, has begun work to adopt a long-term Congregational Plan. The latest public draft is from December 2018. You can read that draft by clicking here.

2023 Council Members

Susan Lux, President
Cindy Sundheimer, Vice President
Max Lebold, Secretary
Gary Davis, Officer
Brian Lux, Officer
Marilyn Mason, Officer

Council Minutes

Per a previous decision by council, in addition to physically posting minutes from council meetings, all council minutes are posted to the council page here. Click on a date below to view a PDF file of the corresponding meeting’s minutes.

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