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It’s our church’s monthly newsletter.

A lot of times, it is nice to take a break, sit down, reflect on the past, and plan for the future. As a church, we have a way to do this as a congregation, via our monthly newsletter Cross Talk. Cross Talk is a monthly newsletter which is sent to all of our members and friends via the mail or digitally via e-mail as part of our Cross Talk Online newsletter. It features a monthly pastoral message, monthly announcements, the latest council minutes, and a monthly church calendar of events. Subscribe today!

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Please send any newsletter updates to the church office prior to the third Thursday of the month when our secretary, Mary Drotleff, publishes the newsletters and when our webmaster, Jacob Schandel, receives the newsletter to add to our website and to e-mail out. Send info for the newsletter to Mary.

Below is a catalog of issues of Cross Talk that are available to download. Click on a date below to view a PDF file of the corresponding issue.

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