The Shepherdcast

Featuring Sermons by the Reverend Scott J. Anderson

At our church, we strive to spread God’s word to our community and our world.  With the Shepherdcast, we hope to do just that.  Each week, we share our weekly Bible readings and the sermon from our church service in audio form.  Whether you are on the go and can’t make it in to church or you are looking for the Spirit in your life, we hope you can find solace from one of our podcasts!  You can subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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We are a church in service.  If you wish to support this podcast, we hope you will support our church’s outreach and ministry.  Any support you give us is appreciated as we strive to continue God’s work in our community and our world!

Join us for worship!

Much of the audio from the Shepherdcast comes directly from our worship services, which we hold every Sunday at 9:30 AM! Additionally, at special times throughout the year, we hold special services.  If you are in the Northeast Ohio area and want to join us for worship, we welcome you!

Sermons for Shut-Ins

Thanks to a Thrivent Action Grant, our church is able to bring the Shepherdcast to our shut-ins as well as those who can’t make it to church because they are ill or in the hospital that don’t own a device with a podcast app on loaned MP3 players.  Each week, we load these MP3 players up with the latest sermons so that our shut-ins and those that are ill or hospitalized can listen to either the latest sermon or one of our past sermons we have on the Shepherdcast feed.  If you know of someone who could benefit from this that we don’t already serve with this outreach program, please contact the church.