Media and Technology Committee

Our church is proud to be technologically forward-thinking.

From the building we are in to how we work as a congregation, we work to use the latest technology to help us work in the community.  Below are some of our projects and responsibilities (besides our church website, which if you are reading this you are getting familiar with).

At our church, we have begun to use Discord to get our groups together virtually. If you want to join the conversation at our church, we invite you to join us on our Discord server by clicking here.

Let’s get social! We are pretty much on everything.


The beauty of modern technology is that, if you cannot find something someone already made to help fix your problem, you can write something on your own to fix it!  At our church, we use GitHub for version control and to share our work so it may be helpful to someone else.  To view it, please visit

(If you are writing a program for our church and would like to be added to our GitHub organization, please contact Jacob Schandel at

E-mail Newsletters

To keep everyone up to date, we offer three e-mail newsletters.  If you want to subscribe to one of them, click on their name in bold below.

Cross Talk Online has all of the latest announcements from our Latest News blog and goes out every Sunday morning before worship.

Office Update is how we send out urgent prayer requests and special updates from our church.

Every month, we distribute our Cross Talk print newsletter digitally as a PDF. This is the preferred way for everyone to get our newsletter! If you still get it in print and want to switch to e-mail, contact the church office!

In-House Technologies

In addition to all of our technology outreach, we manage all in-house technology so everyone at our church is able to do their best work.  If you are working at the church and need help or access to technology service, please contact committee chairman Jacob Schandel at

Digital Sign

Our church has a digital sign where we can put events up for the community! If you have a church event you’d like on our sign, e-mail Jacob Schandel at

This page of our website is dedicated in loving memory to Jackie Wanner, who devoted many years of her life and technology expertise to help grow our technology program.  We would not be where we are today without her efforts.